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vServer/dServer: New administration functions

Control Panel Immediately 3 further useful administration functions are available in the ADMINISTRATION PANEL for the vServer/dServer Entry, Premium and Platinum:
  • Additional change of the Linux distribution of an existing vServer/dServer.
  • Boot of a Rescue system, with which you can repair errors, e.g. if your vServer/dServer by a configuration error is not bootable.
  • Extended Recreate options:
    • Recreate with Backup of your old files in the /old folder
    • Restore the system files without loss of your other data.
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Confixx   Debian   RedHat   Suse   Fedora
Confixx   Debian 3.0/Sarge   RedHat 9   Suse 9.3/10   Fedora Core 1/2/4
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Server Virtual Private Servers (vServer VPS) Are the right choice for both, the more fastidious private user as well as small and middle enterprises. They are designed for all people that need more flexibility than just webspace, however searching for an economical alternative to a more expensive dedicated server.

Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS): Powerful as a dedicated server, cheap as a virtual private server.

Dedicated Servers (dServer): Get a server of your own with preinstalled Debian Linux.

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               Alredis SSL Certificates

Key SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the standard protocol for transaction security used worldwide.
SSL-Connection basically submits all information between your servers and the customers browser in an encrpyted form, meaning that all information is kept absolutely confidential.

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