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              Mobile services - SMS, MMS, logos, ringtones
              Mobile Services

Via the SMS gateway integrated in ours PANEL DE ADMINISTRACIÓN you can send messages by a simple HTTP API call to all cellphones world-wide. The usage is just as suitable for simple purposes such as server monitoring, mail notifications or simply only as a cost-saving alternative to the mobile phone for private use, as also e.g. for applications of mass dispatch, for party communities, discotheques or information provider.

             Visión General
  • Dispatch of SMS and MMS
  • Dispatch of Flash SMS (direct shown on the display)
  • Dispatch of 8-bit SMS (ringtones, logos, Java games)
  • Sender identification freely selectable
  • Acknowledgment of receipt
  • Throughput: Up to 15.000 SMS per hour and net
  • Template based interface for mass dispatch

A separate 'mobile account' is needed that is kept in 'MUnits'.
Mobile accounts can be ordered and charged within the PANEL DE ADMINISTRACIÓN.
They have to be pre-charged with at least 100.000 MUnits.

100000 MUnits = 15.00 € (*)
1 MUnit = 0.015 Cent (*)
Service without source identifier   with source identifier   Direct infeed
SMS (german networks) 230 MUnits   600 MUnits   700 MUnits
SMS (international) 230 MUnits   1100 MUnits   1100 MUnits
Flash SMS 310 MUnits   1100 MUnits   1100 MUnits
Picture Message 700 MUnits   1050 MUnits   1050 MUnits
Ringtone (Nokia RTFL) 400 MUnits        
MMS 3200 MUnits        
Fixed Network SMS 1100 MUnits        
WAP Push 310 MUnits        
Delivery Report 3 MUnits        
(*) Atención: Todos los precios son precios netos (excl. IVA)